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Legal Notice

Online Criminal Record (RCO) is a public digital service that aims:


  • requests for the issue of criminal records certificates via an electronic platform, in accordance with Article 3 (19) of Decree-Law No 171/2015 of 25/8;

  • proof of the trustworthiness of the information contained in a criminal record certificate, in accordance with Article 4 (15) of Decree-Law No 171/2015 of 25/8;

  • obtaining a criminal record certificate issued using the respective access code, in accordance with Article 5 (15) of Decree-Law No 171/2015 of 25/8.


The RCO is managed by the Directorate-General for the Administration of Justice (DGAJ) and the services provided through the Criminal Identification Information System (SICRIM)..


The DGAJ aims to ensure that the information contained in the RCO is up-to-date and accurate and will seek to correct all errors communicated to it, but it cannot guarantee that a document available in this digital service exactly reproduces an officially adopted text. In the case of acts subject to publication in the Diário da República, only the version of the instruments published in the Diário da República shall be regarded as authentic.


The content of the RCO is protected by copyright and related rights and industrial property rights under the applicable Portuguese and European Union laws and international conventions and may not be used outside the conditions set out in those legal provisions and those permitted in the RCO itself.


The user may copy, import or use national information or symbols on this portal free of charge for personal or public use only, provided that he has no profit-making or offensive purposes and explicitly mentions the source of information.


Any attempt to modify information, upload information or any other action that could cause damage and jeopardise the integrity of the system shall be prohibited and may be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.

Last updated: 2024-01-10